Soul Friendship Session

Sacred Space

What unfolds in an Anam Cara Soul friendship session?

Our sessions together will last about an hour and happen at an interval to suit you – usually every month.

You simply come to a session as you are – it’s the only real place to start.

Mainly we talk, but sometimes people find symbols, Nature or ART helpful to express an intangible feeling. Poetry, meditations or visualisations as a way of exploring something deep seeking expression are useful too.

You will experience:

  • A non judgemental space for your story to unfold
  • Time to contemplate your day-to-day life, your night-time dreams, your fears, your longings, your struggles, your joys or perhaps your prayers
  • Space for you to reflectively explore the movement of emotional energies in the life experience you bring.
  • Opportunity to tune into your innate gifts, discover new expressions of creativity, form fresh perspectives & discover fresh Beauty in all of life

As our friendship develops, you will notice how your affection is kindled in the little things. In tending to the whisperings in your heart and trusting in MYSTERY, the world of the intellect takes on a new tenderness and compassion.

You will explore and deepen your authentic journey towards all the gifts waiting for you to claim in life.

Although it may be a healing, supportive adjunct to other therapies, Soul Friendship is NOT a Physical or Mental Health Counseling or Psychotherapy.

I received my Professional Diploma in Spiritual Guidance (Direction) training at the An Croi Wisdom Institute and I am accredited by the All Ireland Spiritual Guides Association (AISGA).

I keep the costs as low as possible. Concessionary rates for low waged, unwaged, students and Pensioners are available. Please contact me for current pricing.