Art Workshops

You are now entering a stress free zone……..

Using simple art techniques with paint and/or clay, I invite YOU to create ART from the inside out. Come, find a soft space & play more with YOUR artistic soul.

Taking you by the hand, I will show you how to get beyond a blank canvas to your own joyful creative space.

My calm and playful demeanour, combined with my experience working with groups, makes me a natural workshop facilitator. My workshops provide an opportunity for you to tap into your unique creativity.

I will encourage you to connect to and trust YOUR inner wise self to guide you on a soul journey to a place deep inside you that will…… in time & with practice….. feel like COMING HOME to yourself.

No previous art experience is required.

It is a time where you can connect with your own essence in a fun and relaxed way, without fear of judgement. Music, playfulness, lightness & humour will pepper the quieter moments.

These sessions are always unique in how they express themselves because those who participate are also uniquely filled with their own wisdom and life stories.

Yet, there is often a shared astonishment at what unfolds and I have often heard phrases like

‘I can’t draw but I have painted this’,

‘this is a part of me that no one else has seen before’,

‘I can’t believe that I have created something so beautiful’.

Displaying your soul painting in your home can be both empowering and healing as it reminds you of the Beauty that lies within you or a prayer that has been answered. Your unique creation can also act as a spiritual anchor as you navigate choppy waters flowing in life.


Monies earned by or donated to Swans Of Soul Art workshops is ‘not-for-profit’ and goes directly towards the cost of hiring space, materials, tools, insurance, & other supportive practices.

BOOKINGS: Call Eucharia @    085 1855441         or email

Also available are concessionary rates for low waged, unwaged, students and Pensioners where possible.


Private Workshops  

Please contact me for current pricing of private workshops


If travelling is difficult for you & you have a quiet private spacious area within YOUR HOME, then it may be possible for me to bring these workshop programmes to you in the comfort of your living space. If this sounds attractive to you, please contact me.