About me

Picture of Eucharia
Our natural world & the people living in it, is my largest canvas while my paints and clay tell a story of my perception of life.

‘Swans of Soul’ gets it’s name from a Celtic story, the ‘Children of Lir’. The story follows the tragic lives of the 4 children of King Lir. And like most Irish stories this story has an atypical ending.

Living the lives of swans for 900yrs, they had to face harsh authority, blindness, grief, betrayal, aging, nothingness, forgiveness and, death before they could be free to feel true joy once more.

My Story so far…….

Growing up in a beautiful little village in the South West of Ireland, I loved being in nature and listening to stories of the people, past and present. Both stirred in me, a curiosity of the great UNKNOWN mysterious BEAUTY in life about me and beyond.

Today, I live in Dublin and I’m still just as curious about people, story and nature.

An intuitive artist and soul friend, I enjoy creating inspirational feminine mixed media art through personal stories, nature and form.

Nature & mythical stories continue to hold theater space for the many stories in my head as I walk among the bee orchids eking out a survival on arid sand dunes

On dreary November days, as sheets of misty rain roll in from dark moody seas & rivers, a sense of deep mystery still seeps into my bones; for in these mists, something is always changing.

And just like in childhood, the soulful cry of a curlew continues to call to me. Hearing the call, my focus always shifts & softens.

I love seeking out space where magical energies create wonder and transform anything & everything into pure Beauty leaving me feeling at ONE with all…….. I am HOME….

I enjoy many passions, yet facilitating others to connect with their inner artist soul, through the power of inspirational art pieces, intuitive art workshops and soul friendship…. is my hearts desire.

I’ve a Msc in Organisational Psychology & worked for many years in the finance Industry. Further studies with Flora Aube in the Art of Allowing & ‘An Croi’ Wisdom Centre, have brought me to look INWARD with compassion & kindness and OUTWARDS with humility & appreciation.