Intuitive Art

Be inspired by Nature, story & Celtic folklore

No previous ART experience required

My work comes from a place hinted at when watching a colourful sunset, listening to the lulling waves of an outgoing ocean tide or just being in my garden under my ancient wise apple tree.

Without too much goal or purpose, intuitive painting and clay moulding, open me up to life and the many mysteries I encounter.

Supported by Sacred Feminine energies, this heart centered art process helps me connect more deeply with my true self. Such energies are depicted in many organised religions such as Mother Mary, Cosmic Mother, Dakini energy, Yin energy, Shakti energy and so on.

Playfully, I invite myself to a place of connection to these Sacred Feminine energies through materials, symbols, stories and layering. I open to trusting the creative process and allow the materials inform what comes next.

Often, I’m reminded to open to surprises and redirection as the piece takes shape. This ‘ebb & flow’ of layering materials is the foundational base for all my art and so sacred ritual is woven into the creative experience.

Many of my pieces offer powerful insights which have invited me to live more from an authentic place honouring the gifts that I was born with.

Why do I love this intuitively play with the flow of paint or clay?

  • I step into a JOYFUL space of allowing my creativity to breathe.
  • It’s absorbing nature brings me to a place of PEACE & a sense of anchoring within my center again.
  • Heart callings, encourage the LETTING GO of fears & expectations that hold me back from fully stepping into the life that I was born to live.
  • I explore MYSTERY when I stand back and view the creativity that has flowed out of me.
  • My TRUST in life grows, as I let the expectations I have of myself and others go.
  • I practice listening to and expressing my AUTHENTIC VOICE.
  • Each painting or clay piece has the potential to tell a STORY, share a WISDOM or answer a PRAYER.

Come to one of my workshops and try intuitive painting or clay modelling for yourself.

Discover what gifts are waiting for you.

The beauty of YOUR creativity & inner wisdom is waiting to be uncovered.

No previous ART experience required